Kenpo Karate Katas

Kenpo Karate Basics Lower Body
Snap Kick
Roundhouse or Wheel Kick
Side Thrust Kick
Side or Knife Edge Kick
Rear or Back Kick
Axe Kick
Chicken Kick Series
Heel or Flick Kick
Hook Kick
Inside Crescent Kick
Reverse Crescent Kick
Spin Kick Series
Shuffle Kick Series
Cross Step Kick Series
Front Kick Series
Double Reverse Crescent Kick
Nail Kick
Oblique Kick

Front (Standing or Kneeling) Fall
Side Fall
Back Fall

Inward Block
Outward Block
Upward Block
Downward Block
Extended Block Series
Parry Series
Brush Block
Universal Block

Kenpo Karate Basics Upper Body
Reverse Punch
Jab Punch
Hook Punch
Hook Punch
Backfist Punch
Uppercut Punch
Corkscrew Punch
Square Punch
Hammer Fist
Spinning Back Fist
Drop Punch
Scoop Punch

Knife Hand Strikes
Side Ridge Hand
Over the Top Ridge Hand
Uppercut Ridge Hand

Miscellaneous Strikes
Palm Strike
Knife Hand Strike
Elbow Strike Series
Eagle Beak
Flick Fist
Spear Hand
Eye Spear
Eye Rake
Knuckle Rake Strike
Tiger Jaw or Web Hand Strike

Forward (Standing or Kneeling) Roll

Horse Stance
Fighting Stance
Bow Stance
Reverse Bow Stance
Cross or Twist Stance
Soft Bow Stance
Crane Stance
Cat Stance

Empty Hand Kata
Star Block Drill
Kicking Kata 1
Kicking Kata 2
Short One
Short Two
Short Three
Short Four
Long One
Long Two
Long Three
Long Four
Long Five
Long Six
Long Seven
Long Eight (Twin Set)
Finger Set
Moving Finger Set
Mass Attack A&B
Little Tiger
Book Set
Tiger and the Crane
Two Man Set
Tam Tui
Shaolin Hand Set

Staff Kata
Darkroom Staff Set
Skylight Staff Set
Chinese Staff Set (Staff Set 3)
White Tiger Staff Set
Killer Staff Set
One Armed Staff Set
Old Skylight Staff Set

Spear Kata
4-Point Spear Set
8-Point Spear Set
Circular Spear Set
Skylight Spear Set
Spear Set

Japanese Sword Kata
Japanese Sword Set 1
Japanese Sword Set 2
Advanced Japanese Sword Set

Chinese Saber Kata
Chinese Sword Set
Lotus Sword Set

Butterfly Sword Kata
Butterfly Wings
Basic Butterfly
Iron Butterfly

Miscellaneous Weapon Kata
Cane Set
Kenpo Double Sticks
Kenpo Knife Set
Two Sai Set
Three Sai Set
Nunchuku Set

Kenpo Double Stick Techniques
Five Storms
Repeating Storm
Reversing Storm
Clashing Storm
Gathering Storm
Whirling Storm
Flashing Storm
Destructive Storm
Shield and Storm
Twisting Storm
Twirling Storm
Crossing Storm
Thundering Storm
Leaping Storm

Kenpo Knife Set
Whirling Lance
Destructive Lance
Shielding Lance
Flashing Lance
Snaking Lance
Hooking Lance
Slicing Lance
Deceptive Lance
Striking Lance
Protecting Lance
Thrusting Lance
Twisted Lance
Leaping Lance
Cross Lance

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