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Private Lessons

Tracy's Karate of North Royalton provides professional, individually tailored kenpo instruction, using private lessons that are scheduled at times which are most convenient for you.

All private lessons are taught one-on-one by a professional North Royalton karate instructor who has been certified by our founder Al Tracy (10th Degree Black Belt-Grand Master). This enables you to learn and progress at your own pace with an instructor who assumes responsibility for your training and acts like your personal mentor throughout your stay with us.

The private lesson format ensures that all your questions will be answered and that you receive the maximum benefit for the amount
of time invested.

Studies have shown that with private instruction, you can progress at a much faster rate than being in a group class environment.

Group Classes

At Tracy's Karate Studio in North Royalton, we offer a variety of group workouts that are designed to improve each student's physical fitness level as well as martial arts skills. Each group lasts for 1 hour and is designed to place emphasis on a certain area of development such as stamina, strength, balance, coordination and martial technique.

NOTE: The times are subject to change and the student must be active in private lessons in order to participate in the group classes below.

     Group Workout Class
Mondays 7-8 PM
Tuesdays 7-8 PM
Wednesdays 8-9 PM
Fridays 6-7 PM
Saturdays 10-11 AM

This is a physical fitness class that improves strength, coordination and aerobic conditioning by applying the kicks, punches, and blocks associated with Kenpo Karate along with basic callisthenic exercises.

For more information about karate lessons, please e-mail Mark Wroblewski at or call us at 440-237-0191
and an instructor will be happy to answer your questions.

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